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Eyes of the Cat Illustration

(photograph by Kayce Bayer)

Eyes of the Cat Illustration  is a newly-formed illustration studio, founded by Devin Mawdsley, rooted in Chicago. Our work focuses primarily on sequential arts--original graphic novels, as well as illustration/editorial cartoons and album/single art. EoC's vision is to create works that capture and reflect the wonders and horrors of the human condition, to tell compelling stories, both fiction and non-fiction, historical as well as future-facing. Our production is characterized by its acuity and precision, and we have collaborated with musicians, playwrights and directors, as well as educators and urban planners.

Our breakout graphic novel-No Small Plans-a collaboration with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, has received critical praise from architecture critic Blair Kamin, The New Yorker, SalonThe Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, City Lab (The Atlantic), to name a few, and it is currently being used as instructional material within a nascent Urban Planning curriculum being developed by CAF and Chicago Public Schools.

Order your own copy of No Small Plans here.

More lavish art and thought-provoking stories for the people, coming soon...